Ventura County Genealogical Society

About VCGS

The Ventura County Genealogical Society (founded in 1978) is a California-registered non-profit educational organization in Ventura California with 200-plus members.  We are funded by membership dues, fundraising events, and donations. We are dedicated to the promotion of genealogy and public education and fellowship to everyone interested in family histories. The goals of the society are to encourage family history and genealogical research; to educate and instruct members through lectures, workshops, and an annual seminar; to educate the members in effective genealogical research skills, and to publish information of interest to genealogists.

Operating Year: January - December 2021

Executive Board of Officers
President: Gayle Wolcott
1st Vice Pres/Programs: Fran Bumann
2nd Vice Pres/Membership: Terri Parks
3rd Vice Pres/Workshops: Joan Beem
Corresponding Secretary: Ray Roth
Recording Secretary: Debbie Kemblowski
Treasurer: Shannon Luck-Brillhart
Corporate Board of Directors
Member-2021-2023: Beulah O'Neal
Member-2021-2023: Sharie Lieberg
Member-2020-2022: John Callahan
Member-2020-2022: Nancy Jaeger
Member-2019-2021: Ken Gesch
Member-2019-2021: Marcie Malony
Committee Chairs
British Isles SIG Chair: Fran Bumann
DNA SIG Co-Chair: Don Worth
DNA SIG Co-Chair: Carley Worth
Field Trips: Beulah O'Neal
German SIG Chair: Ken Gesch
House Manager: William Tucker
Irish SIG Chair: Patricia Thomas
Librarian: Kay Engel
Local Records: Marilyn Peterson
Mexican American SIG Chair: Teresa Moraga
Newsletter Editor: Jim McAleney
Promotions Chair: Sharie Lieberg
Publicity: Sharie Lieberg
Refreshments: Vacant
Refreshments: John Callahan
Registration: Marcie Malony
Seminar Chair: John Callahan
Special Projects Chair: Vacant
Technology SIG Co-Chair: Don Worth
Technology SIG Co-Chair: Ray Roth
Ways and Means: Judith Janes
Webmaster: Don Worth

Past Presidents

1978-1979 Jackie Tevault 1979 Barbara Russell
1980-1981 Roberta Griffin 1982-1983 Betty Turk
1984 Lois Seaton 1985 Ron Risley
1986 Lois Allmen 1987 Marie Faulkner
1988 Frank Budroe 1989-1990 Betty Johnson
1991 Jean Webb 1992 Donald Wright
1993-1994 William Webb 1995-1996 Lee Edwards
1997-1998 Marge Warmuth 1999-2000 Judith Janes
2001-2002 Gerald McCool 2003 Brenda Ball
2004-2005 Marnell Hansen  2006-2007 Cathy Villa
2008-2009 Phillip Crow 2010-2011 Gwenda Tucker
2012-2013 Caron Tait 2014-2015 Fran Bumann
2016-2017 Jim Knapp 2018-2019 Nancy Jaeger